Social Media Management

Getting Your Brand In Front Of Your Future Clients

You’re busy, we get it! Let us effectively manage your social media presence, so you can do what you do best! Our social media managers are experts in developing and managing social media campaigns that bring results. Not only will we create a personalized social media strategy for your business and set up a presence that is attractive to your target market, we will manage your social media presence in away that builds your brand. By creating quality content and engaging experiences, your target audience will build a lasting relationship with your social media presence.  In doing this, we drive traffic to your site and brand awareness. 




Their are five main areas we cover to grow your brand on social media: 

1. Daily Management
2. Content Creation  
3. Frequent Posts
4. Interactive Engagement with a Target Audience
5. Growing Followers & Overall Awareness  

An average social media marketing company will just focus on "Generic" growth, were you get more followers but they're not potential customers. At Red Iguana our focus is on "targeted" growth and engagement. This approach promises maximum ROI for your marketing budget, and that is our focus! For most of our clients, they experience  a dramatic growth in followers that are composed of at least 82% of the client's target market.


Social Media Advertising SERVICES

Social media advertising should generate leads, not just likes! And that's what we do best!

With our social media advertising services, you will see an increase in traffic, leads and brand awareness. We don't just put your brand in front of thousands of people, but in front of thousands of people looking for your product or service. We do this through highly targeted techniques and quality ads. This is why our social media advertising services are the quickest and most cost efficient way to generate leads, not just likes. Our clients experience increased brand awareness, website traffic, and leads. Let us use our expertise to give you a higher ROI with low customer acquisition cost.


Social Media ADVERTISING Retargeting

What is Social Media Retargeting?

Social media management

1. People visit your website daily. Then they leave your website without becoming a customer.


2The code we installed on your website will track your visitors.

3. While on social media your visitors will see your ad.

4. Visitors recover interest & they are brought back to your website.