OUR Digital Marketing SERVICES

At Red Iguana Marketing, we see all marketing efforts as an investment. So we constantly talk about the Return On Investment, and focus on what effort is the best investment for you. To get a good ROI your marketing experts have to be the BEST at what they do! That's why we only focus on four main areas of marketing. We help our clients grow there organizations with our Web Design & Development, Branding & Graphic Design, SEM & SEO services and Social Media Marketing services.  



Social media is the conduit that connects you directly to your audience, creating a dialog that provides valuable insights to your marketing objectives. We can help you to pinpoint who your audience is by using deep analytics, greatly increasing conversion rates and driving potential customers to your website.

  • Social Media Set up & Design

  • Community management

  • Strategic planning & reporting

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Email and analytics

  • Content strategy

  • Social advertising



Branding is the expression of a company’s vision and intent. It’s our job to express your vision and intent in a pure, efficient form. That’s what logos, websites, apps, social media and print are all about – they’re visual cues that invoke bigger thoughts. They distill and express your company’s values. Our branding expertise can help you articulate your goals and character consistently, across all media.

  • Brand strategy

  • Logo design and development

  • Verbal & visual messaging

  • Brand management

  • Content strategy

  • User experience design

  • Promotions

  • Advertising

  • Stationery

  • Print collateral


Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is NECESSARY for digital marketing success . Our SEO services will raise your site's ranking in search engine results. Your average SEO company will take your money, have no transparency and barely show any results. Our team of SEO specialists are completely different. We will provide frequent and detailed reports, which will go over your sites stats, come up with action items and a personalized growth dashboard. With our results focused approach, our team will increase your sites organic traffic, which will lead to increased sales for your company. 



As more and more people make decisions based on their online experience and appearances. Which is why a functional and accessible website is more important than ever, especially if you're in a competitive market. It's critical that your website present your products and services effectively across desktops and mobile, guaranteeing a positive user experience. We create handcrafted websites that look beautiful with search engine optimization that produces high results in Google and other popular search engines. 

  • Design and development

  • E-Commerce and retail

  • Squarespace

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Information architecture

  • Database development

  • Analytics and metrics

  • Responsive website design